Feature List

Remove WooCommerce Features lets you disable or modify a variety of parts on your WooCommerce store without having to write any code or maintain any changes to your theme. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the WooCommerce features our plugin can help you remove from your site:

Add to Cart Button

WooCommerce, by default, places simple “Add to Cart” buttons on the category and product pages of your site. Learn more about how to remove the add to cart button.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation provides a heirarchy-based method of browing content. For a WooCommerce site, that typically starts with the store’s front page and then goes from category, to sub-category and finally settles on an individual product. Learn more about how to remove breadcrumb navigation.

Cart Product Image

WooCommerce includes thumbnail images of each product your customer has added to their order on the cart template. Our plugin lets you remove these images without writing any code. Learn more about how to remove cart product images.

Cart Product Link

WooCommerce includes direct links to the product page for every item your customer has added to their order on the cart template. Learn more about how to remove cart product links.

Checkout Fields

WooCommerce currently presents customers with over 10 different fields related to their billing information, 8 different fields for shipping information and several miscellaneous fields during the checkout process. Learn more about how to remove checkout fields.

Coupon Code Fields

WooCommerce will give your users the option to apply coupon codes when they are viewing their carts and when they are completing the checkout process. Learn more about how to remove coupon code fields.

Default CSS

WooCommerce comes bundled with stylesheets meant to get any WordPress theme up and running with a working store layout even if that theme does not support WooCommerce by default. Learn more about removing WooCommerce’s default CSS.

Enhanced Checkout Dropdown

The checkout screen inside of a WooCommerce store comes with enhanced dropdowns for country and state that let you search with text as well as select from a long list of options. Learn more about how to remove enhanced checkout dropdowns.

JSON/LD Structured Data

Product information, stored in the JSON/LD structured data format, is automatically included on every product page and email your WooCommerce site delivers to your customers. Learn more about how to remove JSON/LD structured data from WooCommerce.

My Account Tabs

WooCommerce lets your customers access information about their accounts through a simple “My Account” page on your site with individual tabs for each section of information. You can use our plugin to remove any or all of these tabs without modifying your theme.

Product Image Lightbox

WooCommerce displays product images inside of a lightbox, showing the image in the center of the screen and dimming or darkening the background around it, by default. Learn more about removing the lightbox from product images.

Product Image Slider

WooCommerce product pages with multiple product images include a slider mechanic to navigate between the various images. You can use Remove WooCommerce Features to disable the slider quickly and easily.

Product Image Zoom on Hover

WooCommerce provides a zoom effect when users hover their mouse cursor over the featured image thumbnail on product pages. Learn more about how to remove the product image zoom in WooCommerce.

Product Page Sidebar

WooCommerce automatically includes the standard WordPress theme sidebar on each individual product page. Remove WooCommerce Features will strip the sidebar from your product pages automatically.

Product Search Redirect on Single Result

When there is only one product that matches a search query the user is not presented the search results screen at all. Instead they are taken directly to the only product that matches what they were looking for. Learn more about disabling the single search result direct in WooCommerce.

Quantity Field

WooCommerce includes a quantity input field on products by default. This input shows up on both the individual product page as well as the cart review screen. Learn more about how to remove the quantity field from products.

Related Products

WooCommerce displays additional products that it feels are related to the current item your visitors are viewing with the option to view or add them to their cart. Learn more about how to remove related products from your site.

Sale Labels

WooCommerce displays notification badges on all of your products when they have an ongoing sale price. These badges are shown on your product lists and individual product pages. Our plugin can remove sale labels from your entire site with a click on a single button.

Search Result Count

WooCommerce shows the result count at the top and bottom of every search that takes place on your store as well as individual category pages by default. Learn more about removing the search result counts from your store.


WooCommerce displays your SKU, or stock keeping unit, codes on your product pages by default whenever one is assigned to an item for inventory control. Learn more about removing SKU labels from your product pages.

Sorting Dropdown

WooCommerce provides a simple sorting dropdown, on category and search result pages, that lets your customers rearrange the display order of the products they are viewing. Learn more about removing the WooCommerce sorting dropdown.

Stock Messages

Items in your store that are using WooCommerce’s inventory control features have their stock levels displayed on their product page for visitors to see. Learn more about removing stock messages from your products.

Single Site License
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  • Auto-Renew Until Cancelled
Five Site License
  • One Year of Plugin Updates
    One Year of Premium Support
    Install on Five (5) Sites
    Auto-Renew Until Cancelled