How to Remove Related Products from your WooCommerce Site

By default, many WooCommerce themes show customers a list of related products on the individual item pages of your store. This is meant to give visitors a quick way to continue browsing your products and, ultimately, add some more to their cart before checkout.

Related Products in WooCommerce
An example of Related Products in WooCommerce

Related products are a great way to increase sales and grow exposure for your catalog of goods. Unfortunately, if your site doesn’t have a lot of products or the matches WooCommerce considers “related” don’t make a lot of sense it’s usually best to disable this feature entirely.

You could hire a WooCommerce developer to take care of removing these related products for you. It’s a matter of modifying your theme with some new code or writing a brand new plugin and installing it on your site. If you don’t have the time or inclination for hiring someone you can use our plugin instead and get the same results in minutes.

How to Remove WooCommerce Related Products the Easy Way

You can purchase our Remove WooCommerce Features plugin and have your related products (and a bunch of other parts of your store) disappear with two clicks of your mouse.

After you have installed and activated the plugin, you can get rid of the related products display in three easy steps.

Step #1

Go to the WooCommerce section of your WordPress installation’s admin menu and click the link that says “Remove Features.”

WooCommerce Admin Menu

Step #2

Find the setting for “Related Products” and click the checkbox so that it’s marked like so:

Remove WooCommerce Features - Related Products

Step #3

Press the button.

Related products will immediately be be removed from the product pages on your site as soon as you press the “Save Settings” button. Your product pages will now be less cluttered.

Related Products Removed from WooCommerce
An example of Related Products Removed from WooCommerce

Using the Remove WooCommerce Features plugin, instead of modifying your theme’s code directly, is not only quicker and requires zero programming knowledge but it is also the longer lasting solution. No matter what theme you choose, update or switch to your setting for disabling related products will always hold and be applied.

Remove WooCommerce Features, the plugin that tells you exactly what it is good for right in the title, can help you remove a bunch of features you don’t want on your store including:

You can see the whole list of features on our site.