How to Remove WooCommerce Sale Labels

Sale Labels Screenshot
An example of sale labels on individual products in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce wants your customers to be as well informed as possible about any kind of sales or deals you are running on your products. To accomplish this, sales labels go next to products throughout your store whenever you have price discounts in effect.

Is this something you don’t want to be displayed on your store? You aren’t totally out of luck. While you can’t remove sale labels from directly inside the WooCommerce administrative interface there are some other options available to you get disable these from your products.

The hardest, and most time consuming, way to remove sale labels from WooCommerce is to make some changes directly to your store’s WordPress theme. We’ll walk you through the steps to do that in this article. If you aren’t interested in spending the time to modify your store then we’ll close this piece out with an alternative solution.

How to Hide WooCommerce Sales Labels with Code

Make a Child Theme

In WordPress terms, a child theme is loads another template and then adds changes to it as a second step. This is a system devised by the WordPress developer community to help prevent people from ruining their sites with changes. When a WordPress theme receives an update all changes to it are lost or overwritten. By using a child theme, you prevent this data loss because the parent theme’s update doesn’t impact its child.

You can learn more about child themes and how to make one at the official WordPress site. When you have one ready it’s time to move on to the next step: adding code.

Add Code to the Child Theme

The common location to put theme code is in a file called functions.php. Create one in the main folder of your child theme, if it doesn’t exist already, and then open it up in a text editor. Add the following lines of code:

add_action('init', 'my_remove_sale_labels');
public function my_remove_sale_labels() {
    remove_action('woocommerce_before_shop_loop_item_title', 'woocommerce_show_product_loop_sale_flash', 10);
    remove_action('woocommerce_before_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_show_product_sale_flash', 10);
    remove_action('woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title', 'woocommerce_show_product_loop_sale_flash', 6);

Save the functions.php file when you are done and move on to the next step.

Upload the Child Theme

Your child theme is now finished. It is time to get it on your WordPress site’s server. The first step you need to take is to compress the file into the .zip format. The .zip file is what you will be uploading via the WordPress admin. Find the Themes section, under the Appearance section of the admin menu, and located the “Add New” button at the top. The next thing you need to do is press the “Upload Button” and follow the steps.

Another option is to upload the raw files to your child theme directly to the server using FTP. This is for more advanced individuals. Your web hosting provider should have documentation or a FAQ with instructions.

Need a break or getting confused by the technical stuff? This way of doing things isn’t for everyone. If you don’t want to deal with child themes, and editing code, there is an easier way. Learn how our Remove WooCommerce Features plugin can help.

Activate the Child Theme

The child theme will appear as an option on the Themes screen of the WordPress admin now. Press the “Activate” button next to your child theme. If all has gone well, your sales labels will be gone from your site immediately.

If the sales labels persist, or you are having issues with site performance or availability, you need to take a look again at your child theme. Check your code for errors and make any changes. Upload the child theme and activate it again. Eventually, through trial and error, you will get the result you want.

Of course, this is a lot of work for something that should be very simple. As an alternative to all of this effort we want to close this article out by showing you how our plugin can make this faster and simpler to handle.

How to Use Disable WooCommerce Sales Labels the Easy Way

Remove WooCommerce Features makes the process of removing sales labels from your products quick and painless. After purchasing and activating the plugin on your site you can achieve the results you want in three simple steps.

Step #1

Go to the WooCommerce section of your WordPress installation’s admin menu and click the link that says Remove Features.

WooCommerce Admin Menu

Step #2

Find the setting for Sale Labels and click the checkbox so that it’s marked like so:

Remove WooCommerce Features - Sale Labels

Step #3

Press the button.

Your change will go into effect immediately. All of the sales labels on your site will instantly vanish.

The best part of using Remove WooCommerce Features to handle this, instead of modifying theme files, is that your setting will persist into the future. No matter how many times you update, change or replace your WooCommerce store’s design your decision to remove sales labels will stay as long as you have our plugin installed and activated.

Remove WooCommerce Features is perfect for quickly disabling dozens of features on your store that you want to eliminate. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the features our plugin remove:

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