Why Does Remove WooCommerce Features offer Yoast SEO JSON/LD Removal?

Why Does Remove WooCommerce Features offer Yoast SEO JSON/LD Removal?

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With the release of Remove WooCommerce Features 1.0.3, support for removing the JSON/LD structured data that is generated by the popular Yoast SEO plugin was added under the “Developers” tab.

Remove Yoast SEO JSON/LD Data from Your WooCommerce Site

Since our plugin is devoted to making the act of modifying your WooCommerce site easier you might be asking yourself why this new feature that deals with a Yoast SEO problem has been added.

The JSON/LD Structured Data removal feature in our plugin only works with the data that is generated and embedded into your site’s source code by WooCommerce itself. Unfortunately, the Yoast SEO plugin makes its own set of JSON/LD data for the products in your store so just removing the data that WooCommerce itself provides isn’t enough of a solution.

Our customers who want to remove JSON/LD data for their products, but also use the Yoast SEO plugin, need an additional solution to get the final result they need so we decided to make this new option inside of Remove WooCommerce Features.

With Remove WooCommerce Features 1.0.3, Yoast SEO users now have the option to disable all JSON/LD data that the Yoast plugin generates on your site.

Please keep in mind that this is a “use at your own risk” feature as all JSON/LD data generated by Yoast SEO will be removed. Yoast SEO does not offer a way to disable only product data so turning on our “Remove JSON/LD Generated by Yoast SEO” feature will be a comprehensive disabling of all JSON/LD data coming out of Yoast SEO.

We hope this explanation as to why our WooCommerce plugin now interacts with a non-WooCommerce related product makes more sense. If you run into any issues with this new feature, please contact us via our Support form.