Remove WooCommerce Features Demo

My name is Brian and I’m the developer of the Remove WooCommerce Features plugin. I’m going to take a few minutes to show you how the plugin works and how you can use it to make changes to your store in seconds. All without editing your theme or hiring a WordPress developer to do the work for you.

Once the plugin has been installed and activated a new “Remove Features” option appears under the “WooCommerce” area of the WordPress admin menu. Following that “Remove Features” link will give you access to all of the various ways the plugin can work with your site.

I’m going to show you quick examples of how Remove WooCommerce Features can change two different parts of your store: your product listings and your checkout screen.

First, your product listings. Here’s an example of a product on my store. Let’s say I want to eliminate the Quantity field. Looking back at the Remove WooCommerce Features screen, I can narrow down the display to only features for Products, by selecting the tab at the top. Scrolling through this list I can see a section for “Quantity Field.” If I check the “Remove Feature” option, and then save my Settings, going back to look at my product will show that the quantity field has been removed from the screen immediately.

There was no code to write, or theme files to edit, and I didn’t have to pay someone by the hour, or give them access to my site, to do any of that work for me. The plugin works this simply and easily with any properly coded WooCommerce theme.

Let’s try something else. Most WooCommerce themes include an area to display related products. You can see that here at the bottom of this product’s view. We can turn this off just as quickly as the quantity field using Remove WooCommerce Features.

Back in the admin, and the “Products” area, we can find an option for “Related Products.” Check the box, save the settings, and once again my site’s layout and look has changed instantaneously without me writing any code or doing anything more complicated than clicking my mouse a few times.

Now let’s add this product to my cart and go to the checkout screen. Remove WooCommerce Features lets you make changes to checkout fields as well. The “Cart and Checkout” tab has a bunch of different changes you can make. Let’s turn off some of the Billing fields in the checkout form. I’ll check the boxes to remove the “Company” and secondary address line. Once I’ve saved the settings I can reload the checkout and see that those fields have been removed.

Once again, I’ve made these adjustments to my store without much hassle or any headaches. Remove WooCommerce Features will hold these settings and changes even when this theme receives an automated update or I change to another one entirely. I never have to worry about updates or code changes by a third-party overwriting or changing my choices.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. You can learn more about Remove WooCommerce Features and contact me directly with any questions by visiting